Hello Tampa!

Hello Tampa!

Saturday morning Matt and I got up and began preparing for our day. I started off cleaning the bathroom and Matt vaccumed downstairs. Then I headed to my Mani/pedi. I mean isnt that a great way to start vacation? I thought so to! 😉

It turned out the kiddos also needed more food so I made a quick trip to Petsmart beforing heading home. Matt had finished the last minute packing by the time I got back. Now let me just say Matt is a little neurotic about packing so I normally let him have it. I get the stuff I need ready and he makes sure it gets packed.

We arrived at the airport around 3:00pm and headed to AJ’s Tavern for a beer and bball before heading to our gate. The fight to Tampa was pretty unproductive. Matt watched an episode of Top Great while I read a new book on my kindle. Right outside of Tampa we went around stone huge storm clouds. Then we saw a gorgeous sunset from the plane.

We arrived in Tampa around 7:45. Matt’s parents and brother picked us up and we headed to dinner. They had all driven down earlier in the day.

Matt’s dad Steve made reservations at Charley’s Steakhouse and oh wow! You know how most restaurants will bring out dessert trays? Well our waiter brings out a steak tray! With no streaks under 10 ounces, Jill and I decided to split one. Ten ounces no, 7 completely doable. Needless to say dinner was delicious.

Before we knew it it was almost 11:00 so we headed to our hotel.

*we have some pics from the day but I’m not sure how to upload them right now. I am currently posting from my phone and tablet but pics will follow.


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