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NYC Day 3 – Happy Anniversary!

NYC Day 3 – Happy Anniversary!

Sunday morning Matt and I woke up and exchanged anniversary cards before heading to FAO Schwartz which was just around the corner from our hotel.  A friend suggested we check it out just because so I took her advice and off we went.  When we got there there were 2 Soldiers greeting the kids at the door.  It was pretty cute.  We opted not to have our pictures taken with them. 🙂  I have to say I pictured the store to be a little more grand.  I mean it was big but not as big as I expected.  On the first floor were tons of stuffed animals and then you walked into the candy room!  AHHHHH!  Matt found the world’s biggest bag of twizzlers.  I should say all the candy seemed giant sized.  We managed to make it through the candy section with NO candy.  Whew!


Next we headed upstairs.  In between the 2 escalators were huge life sized stuff animals.  EEKK!  Unfortunately I couldn’t talk Matt into a life sized horse!  BOOO!  {He’s a dream killer sometimes. ;)}  We did see the life sized piano from the movie BIG.  That was pretty cool.

After we left FAO Schwartz we headed to Central Park and looked for food on the way.  Picnic in the park baby!  We found a little deli, grabbed some lunch and headed to Central Park to eat.  We found a nice little spot in the grass under some trees and just as we sat down a baby play group pulled up.  Thankfully they were babies so they were good.  When we finished lunch we headed over to Tavern on the Green.  Super disappointed.  I remember seeing this in the movie the Out of Towners and the movie made it appear to be in the middle of the park.  In reality it is right on the edge of the park and not nearly what I thought it would be.  It used to be a super fancy restaurant but now it’s a little visitor center type building.  Thankfully they had bathrooms.

Tavern on the Green

From Central Park we found a metro station and headed towards Chinatown.  WOOO HOOO!  We might have started walking in the wrong direction when we left the metro station.  I blame Matt. I told him what street we were looking for but he choose which way we walked.  {That’s right hon I blame you!}  Once we figured this out we turned around and really headed for Chinatown.

Only pic I took in Chinatown

It seemed as though a lot of the shops were closed and Matt wasn’t sure where we needed to go in order to score a bag.  Luckily we turned down a rather busy street and were immediately approached by a lady asking if we wanted a bag.  Hell yeah we want a bag.  We followed her through the crowd to a side street.  At this point she pulls out a laminated piece of paper with hand bags.  I start asking how much certain bags are.  Her opening price wasn’t really in the budget and Matt goes you knew you needed cash.  GRRR!  I told her I didn’t have that much and was about to walk away when she made a me deal.  😀  We waited while she went to get the bag. I must say I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to go to a super secret back room but I also had my camera so standing on the street really seemed like the a smarter idea.  A few minutes later she returned with a shopping bag, I glanced at the bag and handed over my money.  Wooo hooo!  Hello Louis!  I was pretty determined to not leave NYC without a LV bag.

Now that we had a bag we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge but not before we had a Starbucks break.  As we were walking Matt made a comment about everyone having Starbucks.  Well we got to the next corner and there was a Starbucks.  I’m not gonna lie, sitting for a few minutes was great.  And sitting with an ice cold drink was even better.  Now that we’d had a little break we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge.  By this point my feet were like please stop using us so I wasn’t super disappointed when Matt noticed the bridge was boarded and you couldn’t see out.  We found a nice spot, stopped and took our pic and headed back.  I wanted a pretty easy, early day since we had dinner reservations that night.

We got back to the hotel around 3 or 4 and napped before getting ready for dinner at Scarpetta.  Oh Scarpetta…….