Jamaica – Friday May 9th

Jamaica – Friday May 9th

Friday morning Matt and I got up at our usual early time and headed to Eleanor’s for breakfast.  This was the only other restaurant that had breakfast however this was a sit down, order from the menu place.  We snagged a nice table outside.  The service wasn’t great, considering I ordered 4 mimosas and only ended up with 1.  Anyway, the food was really good.  While we were eating there were a few birds scoping us out from a few feet away.  When we finally finished one of them hopped over to our table.  Of course, Matt and I are laughing.  We want to see how brazen the bird would be.  He did not disappoint, within a minute or so he quickly grabbed an item off my plate.  We thought this was hilarious and I even took pics while it was happening. 🙂

When we got to our chairs, L & C were already there waiting on us.  We all laid on the beach for awhile.  Around lunch we headed back to the main plaza.  And on the way there I stopped to buy a cute giraffe statue.  (I knew the vendors were set up so I had run to the room and grabbed some money.  We’d seen them the first afternoon but they weren’t there on Thursday so I was really excited to finally get my giraffe.)  We decided on Neptunes for lunch.  This was an open air type pavilion and turned out to be a nice place for lunch.

We went back to the beach for a while and finally a dark cloud appeared so Matt and I decided to go in for a nap.  After our nap we got ready for dinner.  Jill and Steve really enjoyed their candlelit dinner while in St Lucia so they set this up for us as an anniversary gift.  🙂  We got to our table a few minutes early and ended up having an impromptu photo shoot with one of the resort photographers.  Clearly Matt and I had done this before so our expectations were pretty low but what the heck!

Finally our server grabbed us for dinner.  The photo took a few more pics while we were sitting and was sent on his way.  The table was set up really pretty.  White chair covers with hot pink bows.  There were several of the beautiful pink and white hibiscus on the table around the candles.  Matt and I decided to each get different items to take full advantage of the menu.  For the most part we each really enjoyed our food, though his soup was much better than mine.  I wished I had had the same.  We also got a personalized menu with our dinner choices.  The outside had our names and date.  We opened them only to realize instead of putting Matt on the inside they put Phil!  We had a good laugh over this.  First Sandals tries to get me to marry Matthew Spencer and now I’m supposed to have dinner with Phil?  😀  Nice to see they were at least consistent.  Anyway, the meal was very nice and sweet.  We really enjoyed the experience.

After dinner we headed to the main pavilion.  We ended up at the Neptune’s bar chatting with a couple for Cali.  They were nice enough, but thankfully they were leaving the next day.  After a few drinks we headed back to the room for the night.


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