Jamaica – Sandals Whitehouse – Thursday May 9th

Jamaica – Sandals Whitehouse – Thursday May 9th

Thursday morning we woke up around 7:30 am and were headed to downstairs around 8.  We ran to the beach and were able to find 4 chairs with an umbrella so we put down a few things and started walking to the main plaza.   It was sunny and beautiful out so I took pics as we went.  We got to the main plaza and went back to Bayside for the breakfast buffet.

After breakfast we headed back to the beach.  Since we hadn’t actually walked the beach yet, Matt and I decided to walk to the beach back to our chairs.  The beaches were beautiful with pretty white sand.  Unfortunately for me there were no shells to be found so I scooped up the small ones I saw.  We got back to our chairs and decided to keep walking to see if we could find L&C.  We didn’t see them when we got to the end of the chairs so we decided to keep on walking.  The resort property went a few hundred feet past the last of the huts but you could sign out and keep walking down the beach.  We took pics as we went and at one point I told Matt it felt like our own little deserted island.  It was so pretty to have the beach to our left and mangroves to the right.  Not to mention it was so serene and quiet.  We only ran into one couple headed back to the resort as we were walking to the end.

We got to the end of the sand and decided we could probably go further if we wanted but we’d have to walk in the water.  Neither of us were really up for that so we decided to head back to the resort.  I felt like I took about a million pics while we were walking and most of them turned out pretty well.  On our way back we saw a sea urchin shell (which I am still kicking myself over not grabbing) and then Matt spotted a starfish in the water.  I ran over to it and picked it up.  It was soo cool.  I barely had it in my hand when the little tentacles came out.  They felt like a caterpillar   It was weird and cool.  We took a  pic and I put him back in the water.

We finally got back to our chairs around 10:30 when L&C walked up.  They’d gotten up and eaten breakfast and then found us on the beach.  We laid out until lunch time and then the rain set in.  We all huddled under the umbrella for a few minutes and then L&C decided to run and get a table for lunch at Bluefields.  This was the only restaurant on our end of the resort.  Matt and I waited a few more minutes until there was a break in the rain and then we headed over for lunch.

After lunch Matt and I went back to the beach and hung out till about 3.  We headed to the room and took naps before getting ready for dinner.  We met L&C at Neptunes bar and then went to Jasmines for dinner.  After dinner we grabbed coffees and pastries from the Paris Cafe and found some couches by the fire-pits   We sat there chatting for a while before we headed to our rooms.

**Again, more pics to come.


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