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And now for the fun stuff

And now for the fun stuff

Each night our room staff made cute little towel animals for us.  The first night was well, ummm interesting.  😉  We’re still not sure exactly what it is but if you use your imagination you’ll probably think what we did. 😀

A sting ray.

I’m pretty sure this is a butterfly.

Matt said this was a turkey but I voted him and said it was a Peacock.

A lobster!

I think the last 2 are my personal faves!

A cute monkey!  Awww.

And an adorable doggy.

Also Patrick had the same room servers and apparently since he never opened his curtain they thought it would be funny to put a towel animal behind the curtain.  He randomly discovered it one day and told us about it later.   We all got a kick out of it.