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I’ll take a shot please? – day 1 at sea

I’ll take a shot please? – day 1 at sea

Haha.  It’s not what you are thinking.

I woke up around 7am and the boat was really rocking.  I grabbed a coke and went back to slept.  Matt and I were not meeting Patrick, his brother, for breakfast until after 9. I finally got up a little after 9 and decided to hop in the shower before breakfast.  Let me just say shaving in the shower on a rocking boat is no easy feat but I managed.  After my shower I knew I wasn’t feeling well.  I hoped a little fresh air would help.  I told Matt I didn’t feel well and he also suggested fresh air.   We were headed out the door went I decided to go straight to the bathroom.  I sat there for a few minutes but nothing happened.  Matt told me to go get fresh air and I practically ran down the hallway and up the stairs to the deck.  A few minutes later Matt and Patrick met me outside.

The guys stood with me for a few minutes before I said I thouht we could head to breakfast.  We went to sit on the Lido deck and Matt grabbed me a Ginger ale.  I sipped that while they got food.  They weren’t back long before I ran to the bathrom to throw up.   At this point I figured it wouldn’t get better so I asked Matt if we could go to the medic.  The three of us took off to deck 4.

The nurse was really nice but she said that to get a shot I would have to see a doctor and it would cost around $100.00.  Ouch!  I knew I wasn’t that sick so I settled on the nurse and zofran.  I took the zofran and prayed it would work quickly.  I guess it did work but I threw up once more.  After that I actually started to feel better.  By lunch I managed to eat some fruit.  The rest of the afternoon I laid out on the deck reading.

I am really glad I decided to go to the nurse early. I can imagine how much worse I would have felt had I not gone.  Not to mention I would have been miserable on today’s excursion, but more on that later.

I’m actually a little surprised I got sea sick. I’ve been on boats in the ocean and been fine.  Today we took a water taxi  from Cozuemel to Playa del Carmen and that sucker was really rocking and I was fine.  Crazy right?  Matt was very surprised I was felt fine.

So that’s how our first day at sea was.  We will have another full day on Saturday but a got a few extra zofran and I will continue to take my draminine.


Quote of the day – Steve:  I’ll have the rack of Lamb with a side of beef Wellington.