Roatan – Mahogany Bay, Honduras

Roatan – Mahogany Bay, Honduras

……….or not.

Last night the captain came on and said that we would be getting into port at about 5am this morning in Roatan. Kelly and I both woke up around 6:30am and looked out the window and we were still at sea but not moving. After a bit we got up and walked out to the deck to see that we were just off shore and there were two other ships around us. We didnt think much of it and went back to the room. As we got back the phone rang and it was dad who said he talked with someone and there was some problem and we might not make port at all, that’s not good. We decided to just get ready and go to breakfast as planned and go from there. As we were eating the captain came on and said that the winds and current were very bad and that the ship was unable to make it to the port safely, but that another ship, a more powerful one, was going to give it a go and then he would decide. Once we were done eating and checking email he came back on to say that the other ship made it but that conditions were still too bad and we would not be making port today, booooooo! Seems weird to not be able to make it into port on a perfectly sunny day but I guess they have to be safe. This port also requires the boats to back in so that might have contributed to the decision. So since we couldn’t get off the boat we just hung out around the pool today as the captain took us the long slow way to our next port, Costa Maya.

Today was Kelly’s birthday so we celebrated by having a nice dinner at the Pinnacle Grill which became Le Cirque for tonight only. We had an amazing meal there.

Hopefully we are able to make it to port tomorrow and enjoy our day on the beach!

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